College Survival Kit – Essential things you need in College


When recent graduates of high school go away on their own in college, it is probably the first time they will be living away from home, in a new environment with people they do not know. This is a big change in life style and while it is a very exciting step to grow up and mature, it can also present many challenges and be very stressful. Stress can get out of control and cause serious problems in your life, so keep it in check is becoming college. One way students can reduce their stress level is by packing the right things they need for college. One of the main focus in college will be about money, so the more you can take with you in school, the less you will spend when you’re there.

To make you feel a little bit safer and less stressed, you should together survival college kid who has essentially include toiletries, laundry segment, storage options, gas cards, and survival food. When you pack for college, do not forget to bring shampoo and soap from your house so you can save money by not having to buy it at the store. It is also a good idea to bring some medical supplies such as band-aids, just in case of emergency. Pain relievers like Tylenol are important, so bring some from home, because you do not want to realize that you need them just as you need them.

Pack some role quarters so you do not have to worry about getting changes to pay machines. Because dorm rooms are so small, especially if you have more than one roommate, storage solutions can save your life and your sanity. Gas cards are a practical option if you have a car or other vehicle that consumes gas. Perhaps one of the most comforting things college survival kit is live food. Snack food is always needed around your dorm to eat and nothing tastes better than your favorite treats from home.


The Pros and Cons of Pay College Athletes


Recently, the question of paying college athletes has made such a buzz in the sports arena. If we are to see the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) – to implement the body of college sports – has kept the matter, it is this; paying college athletes is a no-go. But this does not mean that the “big guys” in the course have already made a final decision; discussions are indeed still going on even within the board.

Why this issue has not been solved yet? Is it really necessary to change the norm not give athletes extra money aside from those they get from traditional scholarships?

merits of paying college athletes

In this age where social media is king, making profits of sports is even more ludicrous pursuit. Schools are actually making more money than ever from the revenues of televised college sports, especially football and basketball the most popular men

However, athletes who participate in these games -. The reason sports activities shows such a hit in the first place – are not getting more than their scholarship grants; it is not even enough to cover all their expenses; education, food, board, travel, books, and others. They have no other way to compensate for this need sports practices take up all their time on academic responsibility. Pay college, a little extra, would actually go a long way, especially for those who belong to families with low incomes.

If this item would be considered that could help to finally stop the abuse going on behind the scenes; abuse as stakeholders (ie recruiters) offer athletes special “privilege” for the favors of how they wanted games to turn out. Shady business, yes, but it happens.

The disadvantages of paying college athletes

The main reason why paying athletes college is still not legalized is because of the strong stand by the spirit of amateurism against the idea . Most traditionalists would also argue that college sports exist not so athletes could get profit, but to promote the true meaning of sportsmanship between colleges. Which includes money in the equation for the participation of players would debase the core of amateurism. Another big problem with the idea is only “unfairness” to the less popular sports that have little or no income, and of course to colleges with less resources. Who would be responsible for paying students in this case? And what system will be used; not athletes with better performance to get higher wage increases than other members of the team?

this and much more just would lead to many complexities, and thus, paying athletes college could probably just leave the students what they went to their respective organizations in the first place, that is, to get a degree, not receive a salary.


Which online universities have degrees that are actually respected by employers?


In this era when education is more than just literacy every individual wants to buy it from the best place possible. A surge in the number of people aspiring for education and internet as abounding source of knowledge in all areas have given birth to online education. Today there are countless online universities that offer a number of degree and diploma courses through internet and so bring education at your doorstep. Such a person could be in any corner of the world that he / she can have the best information content with just sitting at home. The online universities serve you with proficient teachers who conduct online courses and examinations. By sending emails or conference with student teachers can get all his queries clarified.

While online education is quite expensive and do not fall within the budget of each aspirant, but at the same time it is also money saving in quite a few ways. For example, online education saves you from the commutation expenditure, money you spend on stationary, outfits, etc.

But today there are hordes of online universities that offer various courses and several other lures to ask students. However, there are certain parameters that allows an individual to decide which online university he should go.

o foremost issue for discussion is “of course”. Try not to compromise on the choice of course for the other kind that the University is offering. Search for the best online university for the desired course.

o Then take a look at expenses. If the course is far beyond the budget, no team looked into further details. In that case, take a look at other universities that offer the course. The best thing about online universities is the myriad of options available. So you will definitely find a university that meets your budget.

o After course and its fees comes the issue of classes, course duration, etc. It is always wise to opt for a university that provides a lot many courses. For taking classes is a great way to understand the subject, clarify doubts and difficulties and also to keep in touch with the program. See also the timing of classes and tenure of the course. For online education is just not very useful if you are not able to take classes because of work or other work and do not do well in exams. Furthermore span the course should suit you.

o Then it is relevant department of the university. Take a look at the faculty directory and see the qualification relevant teachers.

o It is always better to go to college that caters to win the game. If the online university itself does not recommend locations that her degree should be one that you achieve a good job. This is basically concerned about the reputation of the university. Remarkable reputation of the school is an important factor in winning a respectable job. There are several sites that rank various online universities on the basis of academic status. Some recommended universities are University of Phoenix Online, Capella University and DeVry University


College Internships – Fitting one into your schedule


Most people lead very hectic lives. Between work and family, people often do not have much time for anything else. As a student, you busy life is more than likely many times more than the average person. Not only do you have to worry about attending class and completing homework on time, you probably are also trying to balance work part time or full time while in college.

If you are a typical student, you probably have considered the opportunity to complete a college internship, but may put it off because you think you can fit one in the hectic schedule. Many students make the balance of secondary vocational education with their busy lives and it is very likely that you can as well.

One trick to fitting vocational college in your busy life to complete one of your summer break from classes. Finishing college internship during the summer can help a lot in reducing stress, you may feel from trying to balance your class work and responsibility of university training. If your only option is to complete secondary vocational school year, try to find one that will be flexible with your class schedule. If you have a very busy class schedule, you do not want to overload yourself with vocational college which is not willing to work with you on your schedule. Many employers vocational college understand the importance of class work and will be ready to work with your schedule.


Most Colleges Require letters


I can not overemphasize the importance of developing strong relationships with high school teachers and counselors as soon as possible. Very well written, all telling letter can absolutely make the difference of being accepted or rejected to any college.

Students the top of one or more of their classes should first ask the teachers to write letters of recommendation (LOR). However, if a teacher balks, is the least bit hesitant or shows no interest in the prospect of writing such a letter, one teacher, one that is likely to make student shine, should be approached instead. A less than ideal Lor is virtually worthless!

Choose wisely. I recall often LOR for content and grammar, and is constantly amazed at how careless and lax some teachers, counselors and other well-intentioned people can be by letter so important. Select teachers who have expressed a genuine interest in the future of the student.

Most schools require LOR from education and some ask for one or more of English, Science and / or math teacher student. But those who requested application school letter, are also recommended additional LOR is. I suggest no more than two extras, but the third is totally unique.

Unless the student is an athlete, any teacher is desirable to coach unless the coach actually teaches core or ordinary materials such as English, Chemistry, History, Mathematics, or language. In some cases, the writer actually asks the student for the outline of what they should write! Each letter should be from someone who knows the student well, such as:

o A college professor (excellent)

o A high ranking military officer (also great)

o member of the clergy

o Chairman or the head of a large company

o member of the voluntary organization where the student did community

or parents of disabled students from volunteer work, ie Special Olympics

o A parent with whom the child was taught by a student

The LOR can also be made relative with a different last name if the above conditions are met, but it should not give the impression that it is from relatives to avoid a biased view.

For LOR is not written in English, I recommend the English translation attached and set upon with a preface stating, “For your convenience, the following is the English translation of the accompanying letter.”

The advisors make any Lor originating from high school. Students should be cautioned to submit any sealed or unsealed LOR they get on their own and outside their school! Any LOR from someone other than a teacher or guidance counselor should be sent by the person who wrote it, the student

All LOR should be addressed as follows :.

Date (Be sure to include PID student SS # or school.)

[Name of school]

[name of member if you know what]

Director of admissions

[Street or PO Box]

[City, State, Zip, Zip + 4 if available]

RE: Name of student

Dear Director: [You need to know their name]

By following these guidelines, students will surely increase their edge – even if they are Valedictorian. The best students also have the edge because they are competing against other exceptional students. Those with less than exemplary numbers will stand a better chance of being approved in the admissions process with outstanding LOR’s.

Every student has that all-important edge in every aspect of the admissions process. An excellent LOR, the chances of approval will be proportionally reduced to …


Tips for a Successful College or University Application Essay


Most college application essay questions are designed for members of college and university teachers and admissions officers to find information. Therefore, they are a chance to tell colleges about you in your own way while answering certain questions. The first step to writing an effective college admissions essay is picking the right stuff where you will often have a choice between several possible essay questions. Choose materials that allows you to give the school the best representation you are as a person. What are your hobbies? What are your dreams? What is important for you? These are all elements of character which departments and admissions officers are motivated. If you do not have a choice and the need to respond to specific standard essay questions, you can still use it as an opportunity to put your best foot forward.

Model admissions your essay that may have some of your previous school essays. Start with an outline or graphic organizer (such as bubble map) to brainstorm the structure, content and specific information you want to include in your essay. Consider the strengths and weaknesses, and then explain one or two in detail in reference to the question. There are many ways to structure your essay. You could, for example, focus only on one of the positive characteristics of devices that would help convince the admissions officer or committee that you are a student that they would want to make their school. Alternatively, you could choose two or three of your best qualities and defend sent to each. The narrative essay is also common and useful format; a narrative essay, start with a brief and engaging account of you, your personality and your strengths as a student and person. You may want to connect the events in your life that emphasize creativity, perseverance, problem solving ability, or the ability to help other people.

When composing your dissertation, highlight positive features as well as exactly your accomplishments. (ex. “I volunteered at the animal shelter”). Go the extra mile to show how pursuits show character and values. For example- “All my life I have been particularly passionate about animal welfare and animal rights. While working on the site? Animal shelter, I was able to put my passion and knowledge about animals in practice.” Speaking about the strengths and values ​​gives a much deeper insight into your personal qualities than merely listing some of your actions.

Finally, proofread and edit your essay. Make sure your writing reads well, clearly, and is free of errors. It is especially important for college admissions essays to write the very best of my ability because they can decide whether you’re taken to the university of their choice or not. It is to your benefit to send it to a professional editing services, such as, for polishing. Not only would an editor expert check for simple grammatical errors, the editor could also give you positive feedback on the content of your essay. A professional editor may even help to reduce the number of words in the essay if you have a special Word Count requirements. After all, this is a chance to show school choice why they should accept you!


Bishop State Community College


A state-supported, two-year public and historically black college, Bishop State Community College is located in Mobile, Alabama, in the United States. Mostly black college in a small urban commuter campus, college houses nearly 5,000 degree-seeking students, forming a diverse student community.

Brief History

Founded in 1927 and b Ranch Alabama State College in Montgomery, Alabama, College offered extension courses for teachers in 9 years. Two-year college was established in September, 1936. Described as a mobile center and State College in 1965, the college named Mobile State Junior College and renamed Bishop State Community College in 1989. Finally, the Alabama State Board of Education established Southwest State Technical College and Carver State Technical College in Bishop State Community College.


Sex academic departments in universities, education, humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, social studies, health profession, and business and economics. Four technical departments are workforce development, engineering and construction, commercial and industrial technology and consumer and transport technology.

Programs Offer

Security and Protective Services, Education, Personal and Culinary Services, Business, Management, & Marketing, Health and Clinical Sciences, and Computer Science, the main program available at the university. Distance learning is also available.

Unique Features

Unique in programs, it is one of the universities that have accelerated schedule. Cross registration, dual enrollment for secondary school students, vocational training, ROTC, honors program and Weekend College are some of the student friendly features. Extensive early morning and evening classes, Learning Center, summer programs, reducing the course load, supportive services and education are other unique support available.


Open access policy is followed by the College. Transfer students are not ignored. However both the SAT and ACT scores are important. Dual credit and advanced placements are accepted admission credits.

Student Support

Bishop State Community College offers career and employment counseling, PT cost defraying employment, on-campus day care and the campus library facilities. Other assistance programs include counseling or other forms of support, adult (again) Student Career counseling, employment, Freshman Orientation Program, health, personal counseling, placement services and veterans counselor can help.

Financial Aids

Bishop State Community College offers federal, state, local, and institutional grants, scholarships and student loans. Aids is applied FAFSA form. Financial assistance is available for students in secondary schools, information that can be viewed on the state university website.


Focused Reading – How to prioritize College reading assignments


Every college student feels overwhelmed by the reading of the load from time to time. But you still need to learn Some part from all the books you bought! Here are some tips to help you save time by prioritizing reading tasks. Before you start reading, you need to determine the purpose of your reading

1. “I love this book! It is my great!” If this task is associated major or future career and you need to build further education on it – read it carefully. Start with the preview section by reading the title and chapter headings. Then write 3 to 5 questions based on the project on a separate sheet. Use pictures, charts and graphs to create questions if necessary. Next, read the entire chapter or article and looking for answers to questions that you write. Write your answers to each question paper. This will help focus your attention while reading.

2. “We will have a thesis project on this subject.” If you know you will write a research paper or essay on a topic, you can not know every detail. After previewing the section / article (read the title of the section or article and preview section headings), read the first paragraph of each new section and the first sentence of each paragraph. This will give you a very good outline of the subject. Pay close attention to bold or italicized words and the definitions you see. You will probably need to use this information when writing your article.

3. “We are discussing this topic in class tomorrow.” If this topic has nothing to do with your major or career, but you have to go on class participation, you will need to know the basics with some supporting information. Preview section (read the title, chapter headings and first sentence of each paragraph) and jot down a few notes. Make notes either on the margins or on a separate sheet – the choice is yours. If you see any words in a special type (bold, italic, underline, etc.), and read the words and write their definitions. This will give you enough information so you can answer direct questions from teachers. Also, consider using post-it notes along the edge of the book to mark the “quick reference” level.

4. “I should probably say a few things in class on this topic.” If this topic is not related to your major or career, but you have to know enough to add two cents on the bench, you should know the basics. Preview section (read the title, chapter headings and first sentence of each paragraph). Do not worry about writing a lot of notes. Instead, read and understand the concepts, definitions, and any charts or other graphics section. Next, choose your “Top 3” Talking points and use post-it notes to mark the place. So you can take the book with you and reference it on the bench. You probably will not be able to answer important questions thinking, but you will not be lost either.

Knowing the purpose of reading is one of the key priorities reading load. Follow these steps and you’ll free up time to focus on subjects that really interest you. Remember that time is tight – you can not add 25 hours a day! Control reading load and you will be free to spend some of those bedtime!

By Jeff stickler


Professors – Launch College course Effectively – Learn Students


Just walk into class the first day and mumbling, “I am Dr. smithereens,” and then just launching what lecture the day (or bringing opening PowerPoint) or do something else that does not start to build communication and rapport with students is going to cause a collective ‘Oh, great, not this, “from students. Just be present yourself effectively to students on day 1 sets you apart from the (too) many other professors. Students think,” Hmmm , this could be right, “which can be as excited as they are willing to get until you’ve proven yourself further

Consider this :. Students register for a particular class sections for either (or both) of two primary reasons :. the comfort of a time slot, and the reputation of Professor Said another way, the same consumer-oriented students most fitting class in their already busy schedules, and have their needs met with. reliable professor While greeting students as they come into the classroom is a lot to the environment, self-promotion is important to either confirm expectations students have already established -. or to create expectations from scratch

Many students today are skeptical authority figures, ie they question the motives, knowledge and experience levels of those in charge. Some enter your class not very enthusiastic direction, or eager to learn, and perhaps tolerate activities that they perceive not as productive. So your presentation you need to be sensitive, but very focused on the course you are teaching. Providing your understanding of a limited their time, but also strengthen your expectations rigor. You will have many opportunities in all the time to show a broader background, but in the first presentation you should strive for succinctness, humility and a little interest (and just a touch of humor if it’s your style).

presentation should also clarify when and how students can contact you. Course will provide office, phone and fax numbers, website and e-mail address, and you need to let students know clearly whether your phone home is somewhere they can call. My recommendation is not to allow or encourage, though other professors have found that students do not abuse it. Either make your policy clear to (including off-limits times, etc.)

You must also let students know when you will be available to meet with them individually, especially if the classroom is not near office. Periodically ordered fifteen or twenty minutes before and after the time for negotiations with individual students who either arrive early or who want to hang around after class. Most students will not take advantage of this time, the phone providing the media that you care about the needs of students.

In the technical world, most professors have established websites at least one part of their courses. These sites allow students who are not inclined to ask questions in class or approaching professors outside class, to get to know you.

In your introduction, avoid saying, “This is the first time I am teaching this course” or “I was just asked to teach this class for two days.” While such statements may be true, they serve no useful and will surely hamper your ability to establish a positive classroom environment. Even if you have not had enough time to fully develop the curriculum, you should provide an overview of progress and their study, and then ask students for feedback about their expectations. No later than the next class meeting, perhaps by e-mail before the grant category with a full syllabus containing the program of activities. If you do this, security, students will feel that they had input in the planning of class and maybe be more invested in its success.


Colleges assessable Campus Security and Disaster Coordination After Virginia Tech Shootings


Preventing Seung-Hui Cho from opening fire at two different locations on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va. – Taking 32 lives Before his own – would have been Difficult. And it would have been just as Difficult on most college campuses for a few Reasons.

“Because of the open nature of institutions of Higher Education and Because we are dealing with the human psychology,” said Adam Garcia, director of University Police Services at the University of Nevada, Reno. “In less than a decade, we have gone from shooting Situations in K-12 schools to terrorism to an adult lone wolf, WHO are extremely Difficult to identify in advance.”

When it comes to violent crime, college campuses have long been shrouded in a false sense of security. That mindset, howeverwhole, must change to mitigate the effects of another tragedy – or preventives one altogether.

Tragedies like Columbine and Virginia Tech have Pushed campuses toward evaluating Their security practices and communication procedures, and the Aftermath Provides insight as to what took place. The outcome Will undoubtedly lead to new Measures That make college campuses safer.

Garcia said an event like the one That took place at Virginia Tech would overwhelm just about Any community and law enforcement organization. But new issues came to light, and communities Should Acknowledge That college campuses are not immune to crime and shouldnt be prepared.

“For too long, universities and colleges were seen as Safe Haven from crime,” Garcia said . “Communities must face the reality thatacts of violence and crime Can and do occur anywhere.”

Before Chaos Ensues

Prevention is Difficult, but to gain some semblance of control over the situation, communication is Important. As was evident at Virginia Tech, it’s not easy, and significant planning Is Involved.

“The challenge of Communicating with everybody on campus, as well as people outside of campus WHO have a relationship to what’s going on, is a big challenge, and is really one of the more crucial elements to emergency management, “said Guy Miasnik, president and CEO of AtHoc, a firm That has helped secure facilities at the Department of Defense (DoD) for years.

Virginia Tech Officium were questioned after the shootings as to why the campus was not shut down during the two-hour lull between shootings, and why everyone on campus was not Notified after the first round of shootings in which two people were killed in a dorm room.

“When people do not know what’s happening, that’s what Create chaos and Create frustration, and potentially Create a tremendous Amount of danger,” Miasnik said.

Virginia Tech’s emergency communications system included e-mail, as opposed to text messaging, Which could have been helpful since students are accustomed to texting and used it to Communicate amongst Themselves during the shootings.

Sources said using multiple means of communications during Such an event is critical. “Assuming a single channel Will Work When You Need It is not sufficient,” Miasnik said.

As it does after These types of events, the University of Nevada is Taking a new look at its readiness after the Virginia Tech disaster.

“We are evaluating our current state of readiness from a law enforcement perspective, as well as a community perspective,” Garcia said. “Redundant lines of communication to faculty, staff and students are being explored.”

Communications methods being examined include cell phones and land line message “Dumps” Which are mass communications sent to people WHO sign up to Receive emergency alerts ; text messages; Web site improvements; message boards; campus LCD monitors; and reverse 911, said Garcia. The school is also Considering establishing an emergency critical management group composed of five to seven high-level university Officium.

Multiple Means of Communicating

Some lessons learned from years of securing DoD facilities include Quickly making decisions and disseminations ting information, having multiple lines of communication, and conveying a consistent message over all of themself from a centralized source.

Multiple communications methods must be used to get in touch with Necessary people Because some methods may not work, and some people may not be Reached by certainties channels, Miasnik said.

“So by having multiple channels, you really have a much better chance of Reaching the people you need,” he said. “The second Important lesson is being expandable to centralizes the management of the emergency communication, Because one Consequence of having three or four or five Different channels of communication might be That you need differentially systems to manage Each one of Them. And that’s not good, Because the every minute really counts, and you want to have a system That Can Really Communicate and leverage all of These channels of communication at once with a single activation. “

In addition to single activation, single management of the system is critical so a consistent message is sent through Each channel.

“For example, if you Communicate over four or five differentially channels, but the message you are sending over Each is not exactly the joint, you may be doing more damage than good, “Miasnik said. “You may be confusing people about what to do.”

This type of communication must be second nature; the procedures must be defined for Each type of event Before it happens, and then practiced, Miasnik said.

“You have to figure out, if this happens, this is what I do: I Communicate with eftirfarandi people , “he said. “What are the messages? Who are we Communicating with? Who is allowed to Communicate? All of That has to be predefined as part of emergency procedures.”

Moving Forward

After the Virginia Tech tragedy, colleges across the nation examined what technology and procedures could be implemented to help Officium confrontational Such an event.

In Illinois, Gov. Rod Blagojevich announced college campus security initiatives That would create Create a campus security task force and Distribute more than 300 Motorola radios on three college campuses. The radios are expected to be in place by the fall 2007 semester, and campus security personnel Will be trained to use themes.

California State University, Fresno, is meeting with Vendors to Discuss the viability of a cell phone message That system would text volunteers. University Officium are studying procedures and policies at Virginia Tech and visiting the campus to Learn from the tragedy.

The University of California at Berkeley Recently introduced a system called People Locator, a Web-based application That lets students, faculty and staff securely log in, report Their locations and leave messages during an emergency.

Prior to the Virginia Tech incident, Hampton University in Virginia implemented a prototype security system called Response Information Folder System (rib), developed by Alion . Rif Allows emergency responders and school Officium Quickly access to 3-D and 2-D models, panoramic images and glean other facts about the facility. The system has GIS Capability That Helps Integrate facts about an event with a geographic context.

Rif has no emergency warning component, but skies expansion includes emergency Alerting via text messaging and e-mail, according to Teresa Walker, assistant provost for technology and director of the Academic Technology Mall at Hampton University.

During the spring, Hampton also implemented an Internet filtering and monitoring application by 8e6 Technologies called Threat Analysis Reporter. “It Allows us to pull categories That we want to monitor the inappropriateness for use on the Internet or block altogether,” Walker said. “We are Able to Immediately Gather data on Any individual WHO visits sites Deemed as inappropriateness or Attempts to access sites That we have blocked.”

Such categories include pornography, hate and discrimination, extremist and terrorist sites, and weapons and arms sites, she said, adding That students are aware of this and understand it’s university policy.

As for upgrading campus security, Miasnik advises campuses to look around and see what others are doing, and to take advantage of Existing infrastructure.

“Colleges have networks. They’ve invested tremendous amounts of money in networks pretty much everywhere on campus,” he said. “There are wired networks; wireless networks; everybody has a laptop; there are lab kiosk. Leverage what you have in place. For a relatively small investment, You Can turn the every laptop, every-kiosk or Even a phone Into an Alerting device. The investment is usually somewhere in the range of 20 to 30 bucks per student per year.

“My No. 1 recommendation is to Learn from others, “Miasnik continued.” You can not rein vent the wheel here. There are organizations That have been dealing with this for Decade. “

Requirements for Managing a Campus Crisis

  1. A proper mindset for the community. For too long, universities and colleges were seen as Safe Haven from crime. Communities must face the reality thatacts of violence and crime CAN, and do, occur anywhere.

  3. Adequate training for law enforcement officers. After Columbine and the 1997 North Hollywood shootings involving two bank Robbers, law enforcement began to change Tactics from responding, containing the situation and waiting for a tactical squad, responding to and confronting the threat without waiting for a tactical response. Institutional law enforcement must be prepared with the proper training in an “active shooter” situation.

  5. Adequate and proper equipment and funding for campus law enforcement officers are imperative for Their self-sufficiency. Most university and college law enforcement agencies now need to be properly equipped. It is no longer sensible to have to wait for other agencies to RESPOND. The single minutes it takes for additional help to arrive could mean the difference between life and death for Many.

  7. Proper Notification of Those exhibiting behaviors out of the norm, while balancing civil rights of students and others.

Source: Adam Garcia; director of University Police Services; University of Nevada, Reno

Under Watchful Eye

Liberty Public Schools in Kansas City, Mo., have had surveillance cameras for years That Focused on athletic fields, school buildings , parking lots and hallways and sometimes helped identify vandals and trespassers.

Now the cameras are linked to the local police department Instead of the district technology staff, and That connection could mean more immediate action on the part of police shouldnt there be a shooting or other major event.

Video from the cameras is piped Into the police station’s dispatch office and Can be broadcast to a laptop. Police Can watch an array of cameras simultaneouslyin or a single full-screen camera and Can view virtually everyones common area of ​​the school buildings.

Source: Kansas City Star


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