College Sports Recruitment – Why Colleges Recruit Student Athletes


If you are wondering what college sports recruitment is really all about and how it effects you as a student-athlete, this article Can help you. The process is confusing and frustrating Oftel for athletes and their families, but it does not have to Be That Way.

Why Colleges Recruit

Have you ever Heard this saying … “Follow The Money Trail”? It’s usually a pretty accurate statement and in the world of college sports recruitment, it is certainly Applicable. Colleges spend money to bring in the best athletes to eventually make money for the college or university. Having a winning athletics program Brings in students, donations for alumni, and evenness radio and television contracts.

Coaches Want To Keep Their Job

Coaches are like the every other employee in the world. They want to Keep Their jobs, and They want to move up and get Even better coaching jobs. How Can They do that? The only way to do it is to win. College coaches WHO do not eventually win Will Be Fired and Replaced by another coach.

How You Fit In

Obviously, if colleges want winning sports programs They need great athletes to make that happen. Coaches go out and recruit athletes thatthey feel Can Help Them win. The athletes WHO Demonstrate the Ability to play at the college level and help colleges be successfulness, put Themselves in a position to be recruited in the college sports recruitment game.

Languages ​​You can give yourself a big advantage over your competition in the college sports recruitment game by marketing and Promoting yourself to college coaches. How can you do that? You can do it by simply developing a list of coaches to contact and then sending themself a personal letter and an athletic resume. If you have the talent and skills to play at the college level, coaches will start contacting you about Possibly playing for Them in Their athletic program. It’s a win-win for you, the coach, and the college.