Fight Songs – College and University


Fight Songs are basically considered a medium of relaxation and promote interest in all aspects of life. A University of Michigan student ‘Louis ELBEL’ wrote the first fight songs in the early 20th century to celebrate the last moment victory of their football. This Cheer songs are known as the “winner”.

After this first attempt, cheer songs became a tradition almost all universities and the University of the United States and different songs are associated with different colleges and universities.

These Cheer songs are mainly played at sporting various colleges and universities, and yet these songs are played to make up the morale of team players. These songs are not only played at sporting events different colleges but also through various events even these college college songs are also played on various United States Naval Academy events. These songs are also played at gatherings of various colleges.

Most college Cheer songs are Notre Dame’s “Victory March,” University of Southern California’s “Fight On,” Georgia Tech “Ramblin ‘Wreck” Oklahoma’s “Boomer earlier,” Boston College “For Boston “Tennessee’s” Rocky Top “Army is” On Brave Old Army Team “and” Aggie War Hymn “Texas A & M

These college fight songs are still as popular as they were in the 20th century. College bowl are not only proud to play AT5 various events in the university but also rated for their popularity. College sporting events are considered the best memorable and unforgettable event. Wins are longtime their back the tradition of celebration and there are a variety of ways to celebrate the victory. College fight songs are one of those celebrated ways.


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