How to afford a car in College – Ways to save money on vehicle


Students everywhere are asking how to afford a car in college. Well first of all I would like to make it clear that not having a car is usually the cheapest thing you can do. This is not what you wanted to hear, and believe me I’m going to show you plenty of ways that you can afford to own one, but every car is expensive and they are almost always going to fall in price from when you buy them . This does not even take into account parking fees, gas, maintenance, insurance, parking tickets and other factors. OK now that I got it out of my system I will tell you how you can afford a car in college.

How to afford a car in College

  1. Buy a car with high MPG- How many of you have friends or know someone driving the car or SUV around? Most of you probably could answer yes to that. However, if I was to ask how many of them truck and SUV owners needed them most would avoid. You do not have 4 wheel drive and off-road ability to go to Walmart or go pick up a pizza. Those cars will cost you extra because they are bigger but also will get much worse fuel economy and gas for four dollars a gallon it wont be getting any cheaper.
  2. Buy older car from a person, not dealership- than 1 part of this is important because cars lose most of their value within the 1st few years by buying an older car you can get one that is just as good but literally save thousands of dollars. Now the second part important because dealers will start charging you $ 1000 in fees and lets face it, they are just selling the car to earn. While most people are selling the car because they need to get rid of it or they bought a new one.
  3. Get a mechanic to inspect the car before you Buy- It is always good to have a knowledgeable person who helps you when you are buying a car, but there are people out there trying to steal your money and the last thing you want to do is spend all the money in the car it requires thousands of dollars in repairs. Most are willing to let you inspect the car. If the deal seems too good to be true it could be so be careful and use good judgment.