Surviving freshman at Bentley College


I am now going to be a senior at Bentley College in Waltham, MA, so I have a lot of experience and knows how things work at Bentley. As a freshman at Bentley College you will create the tree dorms, Slade Hall, or Miller Hall. If you have a choice I would highly recommend that you choose to live in the tree dorms because this is where the majority of freshman are going to be live, so there will be more activity going on in the house and you will meet more people. Slade Hall is across the parking lot from the tree dorms, so it would be my second choice and Miller Hall is small and kind of isolated, so it would last my choice for freshman housing. If Bentley offers you the opportunity to live with an upper-class men I would lower its bid and live with freshman. It will make the transition into college life much easier.

I signed categories of strategic and it’s kind of enough time. Usually your first two years at Bentley you are focused on meeting the general requirements for education, so registration first two years is pretty easy. The classes you take an awful lot to be selected for you, but you will still have the opportunity to choose which professor you would like to take. I recommend that before you meet the Bentley orientation you go RateMyProfessors and SyllabusCentral and do a little research on the professors so that you end up with some good professors freshman year website.

As a freshman you will mostly eat in a period dining room, Harry’s Corner, Boloco and A & W. meal plan includes unlimited entries in the dining season, but the food quality is not too good. At Harry’s Corner you can use discretionary money and Harry’s good to get a sub, pizza or fried food like mozzarella sticks or chicken fingers. Harry is also near freshman housing, so you’ll probably be going there a lot. Boloco and A & W on the lower campus, which is a good walk, but I think it’s worth it for Boloco. Boloco is my favorite food on campus and again they take discretionary funds.

As a freshman classes should be fairly easy. After the first year classes will be much more difficult, so I suggest you buckle down and get good grades to increase your GPA freshman year. It will be difficult to recover from a bad freshman GPA. There are two easy things you can do to increase your GPA as a freshman. The first is to just go to class and the second is to always do your homework. Even if you do your homework is not going to collect I still highly advise that you just do it on your own and try to discipline. It is too easy to put off homework and then get really behind and not be able to learn everything before mid-term or final. Be sure to pace yourself throughout the semester, and you should do fine.