Bishop State Community College


A state-supported, two-year public and historically black college, Bishop State Community College is located in Mobile, Alabama, in the United States. Mostly black college in a small urban commuter campus, college houses nearly 5,000 degree-seeking students, forming a diverse student community.

Brief History

Founded in 1927 and b Ranch Alabama State College in Montgomery, Alabama, College offered extension courses for teachers in 9 years. Two-year college was established in September, 1936. Described as a mobile center and State College in 1965, the college named Mobile State Junior College and renamed Bishop State Community College in 1989. Finally, the Alabama State Board of Education established Southwest State Technical College and Carver State Technical College in Bishop State Community College.


Sex academic departments in universities, education, humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, social studies, health profession, and business and economics. Four technical departments are workforce development, engineering and construction, commercial and industrial technology and consumer and transport technology.

Programs Offer

Security and Protective Services, Education, Personal and Culinary Services, Business, Management, & Marketing, Health and Clinical Sciences, and Computer Science, the main program available at the university. Distance learning is also available.

Unique Features

Unique in programs, it is one of the universities that have accelerated schedule. Cross registration, dual enrollment for secondary school students, vocational training, ROTC, honors program and Weekend College are some of the student friendly features. Extensive early morning and evening classes, Learning Center, summer programs, reducing the course load, supportive services and education are other unique support available.


Open access policy is followed by the College. Transfer students are not ignored. However both the SAT and ACT scores are important. Dual credit and advanced placements are accepted admission credits.

Student Support

Bishop State Community College offers career and employment counseling, PT cost defraying employment, on-campus day care and the campus library facilities. Other assistance programs include counseling or other forms of support, adult (again) Student Career counseling, employment, Freshman Orientation Program, health, personal counseling, placement services and veterans counselor can help.

Financial Aids

Bishop State Community College offers federal, state, local, and institutional grants, scholarships and student loans. Aids is applied FAFSA form. Financial assistance is available for students in secondary schools, information that can be viewed on the state university website.