The high cost of college teaching materials


The ever increasing cost of free textbooks university is the case with almost every university student. At the beginning of each semester, students are required to spend a few hundred to dollars to buy books. The question here is – Is there any way that students can buy cheap books

Report of the State Public Interest Research Groups in 2005 found that the average student spent about $ 900 per year on textbooks. The price of books has risen since then.


One of the main reasons why college textbooks so expensive is because they are overpriced. The main culprits for this are the publishers, citing high prices. In fact, the US Department of Education Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance acknowledged in 2007 that the price of books in the university was kept artificially high even though there was a huge demand from buyers.

Market managed by Publishers

Today the market of books college is managed by suppliers. Publishers set the price. University Bookstore has no control. Publishers of textbooks university in the habit of making new versions quite often. Most students hesitate to buy old versions fear that they will lose something. In fact, the list of professors in the new edition of the book list every semester. Therefore, most students end up buying new books and thus pay more for books college.

Most textbooks are overpriced, because they come in a package that could be CDs and other additional conditions subject. Most students do not need these extras; however, they are forced to give more money for these extras.

Most publishers do not do anything about the high cost of textbooks university. Why would they? College books are one of the most profitable sector of the publishing industry.

considering the fact that the average cost of a new textbook is around $ 53 (some books can cost as high as $ 200), what should a student do? There are several ways for students to save on textbooks.

Saving books

Online book stores are growing more popular, because they offer cheap textbooks college. However, in order to save, you need to plan. The first thing you need to do is get your hands on the syllabus. Professors are required to choose their textbooks before the semester begins. If you have already decided to take a certain grade in the next semester, you can get in touch with a professor and find out what the textbooks would be needed.

Once you know which college textbooks be used, you can start searching for books online. So, when you shop for the semester begins, you can find good discounts and used copies. If there is not much difference between the new and older version, buy the old version.

Another great way to save on college books is to buy from friends. You can also borrow from the library or share books with friends. But remember to keep books in good condition, because you can resell them and invest the money in the books for the next semester.